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Incinerate your target this season with the all-new Slick Trick® Torch™. Offering the best of both worlds, The Torch™ features an aerodynamic, field point accurate flight pattern in an expandable head that deploys on impact for giant entry and exit hole devastation.


The Torch’s slim ferrule with titanium tip was designed for extreme precision and penetration while the surgical-grade, rear deploying expandable blades provide a devastating 2" wound channel. Laser-like flight is accomplished through the stainless-steel blade retention system which remains closed throughout travel. Featuring an all-new double-faceted internal Deadbolt Deployment™ mechanism, the Torch’s rear deploying blades are locked in place until entry leaving blood trail evidence and ultimate devastation behind. With no need for rubber bands or O-rings, the Torch™ is a deadly and dependable, fool-proof head. Torch em’ this season with the first-ever locking rear-deploy expandable from Slick Trick®.






Titanium Silver Tip

Aerodynamic, Aluminum Slim Ferrule

Deadbolt Deployment™-Double-Faceted Internal Locking Mechanism for Increased Efficiency

No Need for Rubber Bands or O-Rings

Surgical-Grade Single Bevel Blade Design

Blade Retention System ensures blades remain closed during flight



Deadbolt Deployment -


With no need for rubber bands or O-rings, the all-new double-faceted internal Deadbolt Deployment™ mechanism locks blades in place upon puncturing your target leaving massive entry and exit holes.