Grim Reaper Carni 4 Blade Broadhead

Grim Reaper Carni 4 Blade Broadhead

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The Grim Reaper Carni-Four Expandable Broadhead features four mechanical blades for success in the field. The Carni-Four broadhead has unique Staggered Blade Technology, opening the blades at different times. When the two 1-1/2-inch blades make contact, they compress an internal spring that releases and opens the two shorter 1-1/4-inch blades. This unique broadhead design gives you the largest 4-blade entrance hole on the market with a square wound channel. Take down game with the innovative Grim Reaper Carni-Four Expandable Broadhead.



Staggered Blade technology

Creates square wound channel

1-1/4 inch blades release upon impact

Two 1-1/2-inch blades and two 1-1/4-inch blades


Weight: 100 grain

Quantity per Pack: 4

Blades: (2) 1-1/2 in.; (2) 1-1/4 in.