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The Easton Carbon Legacy combines the traditional look of wood-grained carbon with high-visibility white-dipped and hand-feather fletched craftsmanship. Offers the finest vintage aesthetic in a highly effective hunting carbon arrow.


Fletched with three 4” left wing helical feathers including a traditional barred index feather and combinations of red, white, and bright yellow hen feathers. The Carbon Legacy is accurate, durable, and has exceptional flight visibility.



Pre-installed with 6.5MM 3D Super Nocks and aluminum inserts included (13 grains)

Available in 340, 400, 500, 600, and 700 spines

Constructed of high-quality carbon fiber, Legacy pays tribute to the history of our sport in a realistic wood grain finish with a white-crested nock end fletched with helical feather

.244” ID standard inside diameter carbon-fiber construction

Pre-installed 6.5mm 3D white Super Nocks

RPS aluminum inserts included

Hi-visibility hand-dipped white back end paint

Straightness ±.005”

4” Left wing helical fletch feathers

*6 pack boxes come in 32″ stock length only