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Easton Ready-to-Shoot Junior Arrows Provide the Accuracy and Confidence to Take the Shot

The Ready-to-Shoot Junior 6.5mm arrow is manufactured with tight tolerances to give you the superior performance you want when hunting. Crafted with the Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine Manufacturing technique, which is a continuous-fed, single-die process, you get an arrow shaft with exceptional tolerances and consistency in weight. When combined with 38% lighter Microlite nocks and 6.5mm inserts, which provide a 4x-larger shoulder to add strength and valuable front-of-center weight distribution, you get superior performance and penetration. Bully Vane fletching ensures accuracy and quiet arrow flight. When you want to hunt with confidence, hunt with Easton.


Easton Archery Ready-to-Shoot Junior 6.5mm Arrow Specifications and Features:

Manufacturer Item Number: 428988

Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine Manufacturing

Spine: 500

Microlite Nocks (8 grains)

6.5mm Inserts (23 grains)

Bully Vane Fletching

OD: 0.287

Shaft Straightness Tolerance: +/- .006"

Weight Tolerance: +/- 2 grains

Shaft Weight: 7.3 grains/inch

RPS: 19/64"

Stock Length: 28"


Packet of 6 Arrows